The tuition fees include the cost of administrative tasks such as registration and enrolment at each of the consortium partners, access to faculty and university services, thesis defense, diploma costs, lab costs, participation in summer schools and other expenses that are directly related to the programme. Additionally, the fees also cover the cost of health insurance.

Programme countries students : €9,000 for 2 years*

Partner countries students: €9,000 for 2 years* 

Tunisian students : €3,500 (10,000 TND) for 2 years (Tunisian National regulation)

More details:

Tuition fees are waived for Erasmus+ EMJM scholarship-holders from all countries.


The fees do not cover copies, books, accommodation, travel costs and meals. Students are also liable for the payment of any fees related to national regulations.

*Tuition fees for the first 2025-2027 cohort will be confirmed by the end of the selection process

Erasmus Mundus scholarships :

Throughout the 4 cohorts of the I4DE programme, a total of 90 scholarships will be available as follows: 60 scholarships will be available for Programme and Partner Countries 30 scholarships will be available for NDICI Partner countries

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship includes

Scholarship lump sum of 1.400 €/month for 24 months for subsistence, student travel, and accommodation costs for the entire programme;

Coverage of all participation costs for the 4 semesters: tuition fees, library and laboratory costs, and any other mandatory costs related to the student’s participation in the Master study programme;

Insurance package, i.e., health insurance, according to the EACEA regulations. Students whose country of residence is one of the Erasmus+ Partner countries will not receive the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for periods spent in this country. The country of residence is defined at enrolment stage (« stable residence in the months before enrolment »).

Individual needs

Contribution to individual needs of students with disabilities Financial assistance for the specific needs of students with disabilities is available if they meet the general eligibility criteria.

All enrolled students, regardless of scholarship status, who have disabilities such as long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments, may apply for support costs including the acquisition of special equipment or services, assistance from a third party, adaptations to their work environment, and additional travel or transportation costs.